Tour 2025


2025 Competition Tour


ENCORE Dance Offs

Top Marks from each division and some adjudicators’ choices will be invited back to compete for CASH Awards. Qualifying dances will be listed throughout the Theatre and are subject to change as more numbers perform. They will be updated as they become available and will be FINAL when all numbers for the specific division have competed. We will hold ENCORE Dance Offs at every location! Award Presentations will follow every Dance Off.

We believe that it is important to include all levels and disciplines. Divisions are based on numbers of groups entered in each level at the specific location.


“The festival was great for us! The kids had fun and learned a lot too. They are always so pumped when they come back to get back into technique classes which is so nice for us!

I felt so lucky to have you as the organizer of it all especially when I realized the paperwork was done wrong. You were so easy to talk to about changes and didn’t fuss when I handed you 2 pages worth! I can’t tell you how much I appreciated it. The festival was so well run, you are just a pro!”

Dance Teacher – Whitehorse, YT

Thank you for the Be Discovered scholarship as well as the cash scholarship. I am looking forward to using this scholarship toward my dance training. I am hoping to take classes at harbour with my sister this summer. Looking forward to seeing you next year, have a great summer!”

Dancer – St. Albert, AB

“Thanks for a great week of dance. I had loads of fun.”

Dancer – British Columbia

“I very much enjoyed your Standing Ovation Dance Festival. This was my first year here and I hope we continue to come every year.”

Dancer – Edmonton, AB

“Thank you for the opportunity to help you celebrate 20 years with Standing Ovation!! Your passion, love of dance and inspiring dancers is so wonderful.”

Adjudicator – Toronto, ON