Frequently Asked Questions

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Below are a list of general frequently asked questions about our events. For event specific questions, please visit our events page.

The Theatre lobby, change rooms and rehearsal areas will open 1 hour before the start of each day (unless otherwise stated). The Theatre house, for audience members, will open 30 minutes prior to the start of each day.

No, there is no photography or videography allowed in the theatre at any time during the competition.

Only dancers and teachers will be allowed in the rehearsal room. This will give the dancers more room to rehearse and focus on getting ready to perform. No food or drinks will be allowed in the rehearsal space.

No specific assignments will be made, changerooms and rehearsal areas are to be shared between all studios. Please rehearse in order where possible, be courteous and share the space with others. To insure there is enough room for dancers in the changerooms, no Rac & Rolls will be allowed at the competition.

Yes, there is a nominal entrance fee to watch the competition and Encore Dance Offs. This is to offset the high and ever rising cost of the theatre.

Dancers are invited to watch the regular competition at no cost, however if space becomes an issue, they will need to leave to allow the friends and families room to watch. Dancers will need to purchase a ticket to watch the ENCORE Dance Offs if they choose to watch.

All communication is sent to your Studio Director and updated on a daily basis. Please see your teacher/studio for any questions on dance times, arrival times etc.

No, please leave all your valuables at home. Standing Ovation will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.

 Only water in a closed container will be allowed in the theatre and rehearsal areas. The theatres are clean, let us do our part to help keep them that way.

Please refrain from speaking to the adjudicators or writers during the competition. If you have any questions or concerns, please direct them to your studio owner and they will communicate it with our Competition Director.

Yes! At Standing Ovation Dance all pictures and videos can be downloaded for free after each competition!

Every theatre is different. Please view parking information listed on home page under the upcoming Tour dates. 

They will be posted as they become available and can change as more numbers perform. They will be FINAL when all of the numbers for the specific division have danced.

They will be available from the Front of House Manager in the main lobby throughout the competition.

Yes, the ENCORE Dance Off winners and all trophy and Scholarship winners will be posted on the website after the Competition Tour has been completed.