Rules & Regulations

Standing Ovation Dance

We reserve the right to increase or decrease the number of festival days required based on the number of entries received


No one extra is permitted backstage except for the M.C., stage manager and medal assistants. Teachers must bring their own students backstage from the changing or rehearsal areas and are responsible for all of their dancers at all times while at the festival. Teachers need to check in with the M.C. prior to the session starting. Dancers, please be ready 30 min. prior to scheduled time. We reserve the right to run up to ½ hour ahead and will do so when needed.

Cameras &  Video Equipment

No cameras, film, video equipment or any other recording devices will be allowed in the Theatre during the festival. Any person found using such equipment may be subject to disqualification of their child/student/studio –  at the discretion of the Festival Committee.


All decisions by the Adjudicators and Timers are FINAL. NO ONE WILL BE PERMITTED TO TALK TO THE ADJUDICATORS, TIMERS, OR WRITERS DURING THE FESTIVAL. If there is a complaint of any nature, it must be submitted in WRITING to a Standing Ovation representative by the close of the festival. All matters will be dealt with within two weeks of the current festival year.

Condition of Stage and Rehearsal Area

No body or hair glitter or use of any substances that will change the condition of stage and make it dangerous for following performers will be permitted.


We are a family festival and all content, music, choreography and costumes must be appropriate.


Competitors must always wear a cover-up over their costume when in the theatre.


Standing Ovation reserves the right to disqualify any competitor infringing on the rules.


Fees from cancelled entries cannot be transferred to new entries.

Good Sportsmanship

Good sportsmanship and proper conduct is mandatory. Rudeness and improper language will not be tolerated and is grounds for being expelled from the festival and suspended for one year. Swearing will not be allowed by teachers, parents or competitors. Swearing will not be allowed in the lyrics of a song.


There is no limit to the amount of entries a dancer may enter.

Lost Articles

Standing Ovation will not be responsible for lost or stolen articles. Please leave all valuables at home.

Missing Dancers

All participants missing from a dance can be announced by the M.C. in regular festival, not in Encore Dance Offs! Teachers, please inform the M.C. fifteen minutes prior to the category start time. Dancers may fill in for missing participants if it does not change the age or level of the entered number and only in the group category. This must be approved by the festival committee ahead of time.

Medal Standing

All dancers will receive a medal for their performance in every category:

Medal Score
Platinum 95 and over
High Gold 90 to 94
Gold 85 to 89
High Silver 80 to 84
Silver 75 to 79

Music & Mics

Teachers will be responsible for playing their own music. Please have your music cued properly. No use of stage mics in any discipline.


Absolutely no prompting by any persons backstage or in the audience, except for future stars category. This will result in the competitor’s disqualification.


All props must be listed on the bottom of the appropriate festival entry form (please note size and amounts). Props must be placed on and taken off within 2 minutes and may be subject to a $50 fine if a delay in festival occurs.


Re-dances will be allowed at the discretion of the adjudicator, only if the performance was less than 50% complete and if time permits. Medals will be awarded according to the mark given, but dancers will not be able to qualify for special awards or scholarships in that category.

Size of Groups

Duet: 2 Dancers

Trios: 3 Dancers

Small Groups: 4-5 Dancers

Medium Groups: 6-9 Dancers

Large Groups: 10-14 Dancers

Extra Large: 15+ Dancers

Productions: 15+ Dancers

Time Limits

Adv & AA Solos and Duets: 3 minutes 

All Other Solos and Duets: 2 ½ minutes 

Trios: 3 minutes 

Small and Medium Groups: 3 minutes 

Large Groups: 4 minutes 

Extra Large Groups: 5 minutes 

Productions: 5 – 10 minutes